Mens self centered thought (coal)

EUSEBIO Silva Ferreira world wide and one of the best soccer player ever
(RIP 05-01-2014)

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Mandela

THE INSIDE OUT POST - digital artwork

world's lack of leaders ... " to my calling, i belong to the world..."  (drawing)

You can't say that i don't own a PICASSO... (drawing)

Got a new Window (oil painting)
Mountain of Fire (oil painting)

Life's turning (oil painting)

The Beginning (oil painting )

Man Facing Himself (coal)

The Sacrifice (coal)

Reynolds was right about turbulence regime (coal)

Painting Vivaldi (coal)

Eye (coal)

Day of dancing (oil)

Too many faces (oil)

Mountains (oil)

Men inside thinking (oil)

Explosion (oil)

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