Sunday, October 18, 2015


whats about this car ?
it looks like a frog ....

some would dare to think it...
in reality, this has much history within the history itself.
founded in 1948 auf Deutschland geboren... it has a descendant design from a 1930's "cousin" VW beetle (designed by Ferdinand Porsche) if you look at them you find their resemblances,


this is a luxury brand full of design, innovation, engineering and throttle.
the 911 is just an icon and when you hear it at high speed, that amazing rear roar, will be music to your ears. Careful ... if is your first time driving a rear engine car. Don't get too excited if you do not have the skills to manage the weight distribution on curve if it s a 2wd. In recent cars, they're almost 4wd full of eletronic compensations. The tradition of the left key side remains;
Don't change it for nothing!!! The reasons are all, this art engineering (a plus if have more than 250 Hp :) , even the common ones have history so stick with it.

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