Wednesday, October 28, 2015



#Gumpert ist ein Deutsch car maker; Founded in 2004 by the hand of Mr #Rolland Gumpert, (rally car enginneer - remember 1st Audi #Quattro tech, several times #WRC winner? is his ....) that had the idea to build the fastest sports Car for the road.

Their first approach was named Apollo their top model: #Enraged... planned to go up to 1000 HP, central motor based on Audi RS6 780HP tunning, V8 cylinder 4 Overhead cam twin turbo, 4 radiators in the front, TOP F1 air motor ventilation type.... 330 km/h top speed  and 900 000 € or 1000 000 $ is a plane on the road.

The last #Explosion coupĂ© car model is an attempt to reach for the common mortal world meaning 2L 4 cylinder motor with 420 Hp for 100 000 €;  Interiors surely should be revised asap and the design to compete with brands such as Maserati, Aston Martin, or Jaguar XK is far from being consensual

If someone has the $$$, Apollo is really something!

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