Friday, October 23, 2015


die Wiesmann ist....

this is really a hand made car.... if there were plastic inject... they're injected by hand :)

this German company Wiesmann is a manufacturing company founded in1988 produces puristic handmade sports cars according to own development plans.

As they afirm, each #Wiesmann sports car can be individually equipped, tailored to the wishes of the customer.

 By now, there seems to be around 600 customers across Europe owning (this is exclusivity!), this puristic Wiesmann- Roadster and 80 for the GT model.

The company founders were Friedhelm and Martin Wiesmann, that have been working very hard to transform a prototype building to a production facility for such exclusive sports cars. 

This car is fitting BMW engines and other high-quality German driving technology components into their self-designed sports cars. 

So if you want to get out the car mainstreaming, this should be the way 
zum beispiel..... 555 hp - 300 000 € not bad!

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